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    • She was one of the most
      creative and dogged reporters
      I’ve ever worked with.
      If she has researched a topic,
      you can be sure she knows
      more about it that anyone else.

    • Toddi brings a unique
      combination of warmth,
      professionalism and business
      perspective. Working with her
      has been both a pleasure and
      a business advantage.

    • Toddi Gutner is a topnotch
      writer and strategic content
      maker. She delivers on time,
      with enthusiasm and is
      a pleasure to work with.

    • I have rarely been to a panel
      where people didn’t leave.
      Everyone was mesmerized...

    • The Women’s Forum...
      has received strong positive
      feedback about the program,
      including the session
      you moderated. It was funny,
      informative, and honest.


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